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The famous rapper 50 Cent is single at the moment but he has difficult situation with the former 50 Cent girlfriend. It seems that the rapper has done serious thing for the former 50 Cent girlfriend, because when they were having arguing he has ransacking her bedroom and kicking the poor woman. It was clear that he was kicking her even if she is the mother of their child, so he must be not as good as most of his fans had thought.

And the current 50 Cent girlfriend is – Single

The call about the domestic violence was made on the 23rd of June and it seems that it was former 50 Cent girlfriend calling to report about him. The couple has been together for three years so his violence was to just too much.
The prosecutor has stated that everything began when they were having an argument and 50 Cent got out of control, than the former 50 Cent girlfriend got scared and locked herself into the bedroom and he kicked out the door and injured her by kicking her. When the police went to the house and went into the bedroom it was reported that it looked like after a fight, because the clothes were spread all over it, the lamp and television were broken and also the chandelier was broken, so not only that he caused pain, he also broke her things. The damage was estimated for about 7, 000 of dollars and after this the police left.
Thus, even though that the former 50 Cent girlfriend has evidence on her side, 50 Cent layers note that he denies these charges and that he has not done anything wrong and these are not serious. His layer also notes that 50 Cent has not ever been charged before and that they will make their own investigation about this thing.
It seems that the fine for him would be quote bog if he would be considered guilty. His court was supposed to happen on the 22 of July and if he would be declared guilty he would have to pay 46 thousand of dollars and also the punished could be five years in jail that would ruin his life, but he should have thought about it before doing harm to former 50 Cent girlfriend. So it seems that the mother of his child and former 50 Cent girlfriend can win the court and feel safe when he is not around to hurt her.

50 cent girlfriend

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