Aaron Paul Girlfriend

Aaron Parsekian girlfriend for a long time now has been Lauren Parsekian. The star of the television series Breaking Bad has married his girlfriend in Malibu, California. Aaron Paul girlfriend is happy to have this kind of man near to her, because he has never feared of expressing his emotions in public about the love of his life and he has told a lot nice things about her.

And the current Aaron Paul girlfriend is – Lauren Parsekian

When Aaron won an award for his acting abilities at the Emmys in 2012 he thanked for Lauren saying that she saved him and thanking Aaron Paul girlfriend for the way that he looks at her in front of everyone that was gathered there and in front of all the cameras he declared how grateful he is for Lauren.
In the same year Aaron has stated for People magazine that he does not understand how Aaron Paul girlfriend manages to look this way at him and make him feel special, he has also stated that she is perfect and has a nice glow about her. Aaron also stated a lot of things on his Twitter page about Lauren and they all are nice, he thanks her for being with him and notes that whenever Aaron Paul girlfriend is away from him that makes him sad and unhappy.
The couple seems to be perfect fit for each other. Aaron Paul girlfriend met him in one music festival of indie music. After one year they decided to become a couple and made it official at the same music festival. It looks like Aaron Paul girlfriend has a lot in common with him. Besides that they have a lot in common Aaron Paul girlfriend likes to take care of herself the way that she can. When she was preparing for her wedding she did her own make-up and hairstyle and was happy about it, so she is not a diva at all.
Further Aaron Paul girlfriend has went through a lot in her childhood when she was at school, her friends started to turn against her and bullied her, so she began a campaign with other women in order to put an end for girl to girl bullying, because she knows what it was like to suffer from it. Thus, Aaron Paul girlfriend also likes to cook for him and he has stated that there is not a better woman in the world that his Emily. It seems that their marriage is going to last for a long time.

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