Adam Brody Girlfriend

It appears that the new Adam Brody girlfriend is Leighton Meester. It looks like their relationship became official when the actor took her to the premier of his new movie and they both posed on the red carpet together looking happy as a couple. Not only that they attended the premier, but Adam Brody girlfriend accompanied him to the after party also. The release of the movie Some Girl(s) was an official date for their relationship to be seen in public and they made their first appearance in public during it so in this way the movie is advertised even more.

And the current Adam Brody girlfriend is – Leighton Meester

It appears that even though at the beginning they walked together on the red carpet, she was being with hi after the party when they walked out holding hands, but in the beginning of the premier, Adam was walking the red carpet with the co-stars of the movie in order to promote it and that was quite nice for them all. Not only that they began to be seen in the public and Adam Brody girlfriend will be able to spend even more time with him during their meals and other activities that they can do now that people know that they are together.
Further Adam Brody girlfriend is going to spend even more time with him, because due to the fact that they both are actor they are going to be working on the same project again that is being planned to be released after a year and a half and that makes a lot of time for them to be together on set and after the filming also.
Not only that Leighton is Adam Brody girlfriend, he has dated other women before that were known as his girls. He has been with Rachel Bilson before the current Adam Brody girlfriend and they spent even three years together, but in 2006 their relationships came to an end. After her Adam used to date a screenwriter, but only for one year, so that was not so strong, that he used to have with Rachel. And then again he dated one of his co-stars because that is the easiest way for an actor to find a girl.
The new Adam Brody girlfriend is a rising star and started her carrier in the famous television series Gossip Girl and that was the crucial point in his carrier, because since then she has plenty of offers.

adam brody girlfriend adam brody girlfriend

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