Adam Garcia Girlfriend

Even though Adam Garcia is famous because of plenty of things like he has danced with Kylie Minogue in one show and has stripped just to his underwear in one Hollywood movie he is still single and there is no girl that can be called as Adam Garcia girlfriend. Thus he has been a judge in one dancing reality show and that either does not help in order to find a potential Adam Garcia girlfriend. It looks like there is an existing opinion about his sexuality and people consider him being gay but he has stated clearly that he is interested only in women and that he tries to find the one that can be called as Adam Garcia girlfriend.

And the current Adam Garcia girlfriend is – Single

He has stated clearly that he likes all kind of girls and does not matter if they are British or Australian or other kind he likes only women and would love to have the one that would be special in his life. He is 36 years old and it would be about time to find someone. Thus, he has joked once that he would love to have a girl that has been married to a billionaire before and would be divorced with a pile of money. This is a nice dream. He states that it has been a year that Adam Garcia girlfriend does not exist for a year now and that it is hard to be single in London, but he has put a lot of attention to his family and spend a lot of time with his niece and nephews, so he must have experience with children and that is another good quality.
Thus, when he was having this interview he has stated that plenty of women attract his attention and he has been watching each and every one of them just as they pass him by. And this is true because journalists make notes about his eyes following women. Thus, it looks like he has a clear opinion about pretty women that attract his attention, so girls who still believe that he is straight and love him a lot should consider trying to get his attention because it looks like he is trying to find a potential Adam Garcia girlfriend. It appears that he is really into Cheryl Cole so girls that look like her should have the opportunity to attract his attention and maybe one day become Adam Garcia girlfriend.

adam garcia girlfriend

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