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Adam Levine is one of the most known singers in the nowadays world. He has millions of fans and girls love him. Although recently a new Adam Levine girlfriend has appeared and the music star is off the market again. This story is quite interesting, though. Some of you might not even recognise his new lady friend from her name, but her face must be recognisable for those who were watching TV series called Gossip Girl. A new Adam Levine girlfriend is Penelope from Gossip Girl!
Adam Levine girlfriend is now officially confirmed. She is an actress Amanda Setton who took not a very important part in TV series called Gossip Girl. She played as a sidekick of series‘star Blair Waldorf. That is the reason why new Adam Levine girlfriend is not very well known among other important names.

And the current Adam Levine girlfriend is – Amanda Setton

It is quite an unusual couple, though. Adam Levine is a lead singer from a band called Maroon 5 which big breakthrough was a song This Love. After that they disappeared for a while and now they are back again. Adam Levine used to have a bad boy image for a while, with all his tattoos and cool looks, but now he is at the good side again.
Adam Levine girlfriend, though, was never a huge celebrity even though he is an actress and had a role in very popular TV series Gossip Girl. She was only a third rate character and seen not very much on TV screens. After the show ended, no one missed her a lot. But Adam Levine girlfriend Amanda Setton came back and everyone was quite surprised about that.

Actually, it is quite hard to believe that they are together now. Adam Levine has become pretty popular recently and has a lot of fans, especially female, fans from all over the world. His salary is more than 35 million dollars per year.
A new Adam Levine girlfriend is not as successful as he is, but she perfectly fits next to Adam‘s side and is a perfect girlfriend for him. She is beautiful, elegant and famous, although, as Adam Levine says himself, not too famous which he likes about her a lot.

Somehow we believe that they make a very cute couple together and they will better than ex Adam Levine girlfriend and the singer himself. We hope that former Gossip Girl star Amanda Setton will be the one for Adam Levine and he will not have to sing about broken heart ever again.

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