Adam Rodriguez Girlfriend

Adam Rodriguez girlfriend does not exist at the moment, because he has recently broken up with the one that has been with him for some time. Thus, the star of television series CSI does not have to worry about this because due to the way that he looks women should be attracted to him. Melanie Fiona was known as Adam Rodriguez girlfriend but apparently they decided to end their romance and she is a singer and has her album coming out soon enough and even though the press should be interested in her because of the album but the only thing that concerns journalists right now is her relationship that has fallen apart.

And the current Adam Rodriguez girlfriend is – Single

Thus it looks like that their relationship were not on the spotlight, because he likes to keep his personal life to himself, so as she does and plenty of people did not even know that they are together in a romantic way, but it looks like they were and she was Adam Rodriguez girlfriend. It appears that the couple began to date just after they both have appeared in her music video that was a debut for the singer. So the former Adam Rodriguez girlfriend wanted him to be besides her in the romantic video and this lead to them being together in real life and even though people did not know about their romance it is clear that they had one. One source has stated that Adam Rodriguez girlfriend and Adam himself tried to hide their romance as much as they could, because they avoided being seen together and that was the reason that they did not go to public events together as a couple, which was supposed to be hard for them. Further they avoided people that could take pictures of them so their relationship must have been hard.
It looks like Ada’s representative has stated that his brake up with the former Adam Rodriguez girlfriend went nice and that they are still friends and that he cares about her as a friend and that is it. Although there are people that think that her new lyrics of the new album might be about him, because she sings about a broken heart, he clearly states that they were written while the couple has been together and that is months ago. So the former Adam Rodriguez girlfriend should find someone new just as soon as he does, because they both are popular and good looking.

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