Adam Scott Girlfriend

Adam Scott Girlfriend (Marie Kojzar)
Adam Scott is a professional golfer and just recently his carrier stepped up the next level when he won the Masters Golf tournament. Adam became the first Australian that managed to do this. So it is obvious that the golfer who is 32 years old has a lot of attention from his female fans and there are plenty of girls that dream about becoming Adam Scott girlfriend. There were even suggestions that Adam should participate in one bachelor show in order to find a girlfriend, but these talks are happening too son, because Adam has something to state for his fans and for everyone.

And the current Adam Scott girlfriend is – Marie Kojzar

Adam has noted for everyone in one interview, that although all the talks about him being a popular bachelor are flattering he could not be on the show because Adam Scott girlfriend exist and he is happy to be in a relationship and all of his female fans can forget their dreams about the handsome golf player. So the new Adam Scott girlfriend is Marie Kojzar and she is from Sweden. Marie was born in 1981 so she is about 32 years old, so their age is similar. It appears that Adam Scott girlfriend has been studying in London since 2008 in order to get her degree in order to become an architect.
Not only that Adam Scott girlfriend is new to him she is also old to him, because it looks like the couple has been together before and not once but they have the type of relationship when they brake-up and get together again after some time. So if the total count of their relationship was considered from the first time that they started dating it would be long enough.
It looks like Adam has a great opinion on Marie; he thinks that she is perfect girl and smart. Further her studies have paid of, because since 2011 she is working in one architecture firm and they think she is a great worker. So Adam Scott girlfriend can earn her living and her talent is really noticeable in her work and the way that she does things. Thus, Adam is happy with them being together and maybe this time their relationship will last longer until they get engaged in order to have more serious relationship, but until that happens Adam Scott girlfriend cannot be secure, because their relationship can brake of again.

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