Adrian Brody Girlfriend

Adrian Brody is a known actor that has achieved a lot during his carrier as a movie star and he is in a relationship with Lara Lieto, who is currently known as Adrian Brody girlfriend. Before Adrian is going to Cannes in order to promote his film Third Person he enjoys spending time with his girl and making her happy and enjoying their personal love story. Before his trip Adrian was seen with his girl enjoying their time together and giving Adrian Brody girlfriend a lot of kisses so that she would not forget how he tastes before he travels with business.

And the current Adrian Brody girlfriend is – Lara Lieto

Not only that Adrian gave his girl some kisses, he also gave her gifts from different shops, because they went shopping. Adrian Brody girlfriend got not only clothes or some things, apparently they were also in on jewelry shop, because Adrian Brody girlfriend was carrying a bad with its logo. Even though the couple is only together for a year Adrian flatters his girlfriend by giving her different things. The couple met at the same place Cannes last year and they have been together ever since then.
Further their relationship seems to be warm and strong. Adrian Brody girlfriend spends holidays with him. They have traveled to Rome in 2012, where they have enjoyed their quality time together, without being afraid of the journalist or paparazzi. The actor could not stop himself from kissing his girl and she was happy with him, Adrian Brody girlfriend whispered all kind of sweet things into his ear and they looked madly in love with each other without any doubt. The couple has declared about their relationships in public, when Adrian took her to one of his film premieres that was happening in Rome Film Festival. Due to the fact that this was the first time when they appeared in public together, Adrian kept Lara close to him and he was holding her hand and giving her small kisses in order to show everyone who is Adrian Brody girlfriend and that was clear.
Even when Adrian is working with his movies and filming in them, Adrian Brody girlfriend is always around him, giving him all the support that he needs and just being there for him. So he does not have to worry about her and the fact that they trust each other and like to be together makes their relationships even stronger.

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