Aidan Turner Girlfriend

It appears that Aidan Turner girlfriend is Sarah Greene at the moment and even though there are not so much information about the couple on the internet, because they try to hide their relationship and keep them just for themselves not the public, so there are not so much rumors about them both and that is good when it comes to trusting one another. Further there are only plenty of pictures of the couple spending some time in public, where they are holding hands and kissing and having some fun, but when it comes to talking about one another they try to avoid this topic.

And the current Aidan Turner girlfriend is – Sarah Greene

Aidan turner has had other girlfriends that he was going out with and that got the chance to be called as Aidan Turner girlfriend and was happy about it even if just for a short time. It looks like in 2007 Charlene McKeena got the opportunity to be called as Aidan Turner girlfriend and they were together for two years until in 2009 the couple broke of their relationship. They met each other when they were filming one Irish movie called Proclain that was unreleased. It appears that being on the set together brought them close to one another and their relationship evolved even though just for some time. Further in one of her interviews the former Aidan Turner girlfriend has stated that she is still friends with Aidan and that no matter the fact that they broke up they are still communicating.
The fact that Aiden Turner girlfriend is Sarah Greene is clear for everyone, but the real time when they started their relationship is not known for sure. The guess is that they began to be a couple before the filming of the movie Hobbit, because he has a role in it. So the date when Sarah began to be Aidan Turner girlfriend is somewhere in between 2009 and 2010. It appears that Aidan Turner girlfriend and Aidan knew each other before they began to be a couple, but for how long that is not clear, because there is no information about this on the media, so the only thing that can be done is guesses made. It appears that they could have been going to the same school together, where they learned acting, but that is not proved. So Aiden Turner girlfriend and Aiden manage to keep their private life for themselves and not to share everything with the media.

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