Alex Baldwin Girlfriend

Alex Baldwin girlfriend is no longer just his girl, but they have married after he made his proposal and she said yes. Thus it seems that the most important thing when a man is going to propose for a woman is the surprise that he is going to make and the fact that she will not no anything, but not when it comes to this actor, because he has spoiled all the surprise that there should have been. In one of the interviews Alex Baldwin girlfriend has stated that the actor has made remarks about the fact itself that he is going to make a proposal and she was kind of ready for this.

And the current Alex Baldwin girlfriend is – Hilaria Thomas

Alex Baldwin girlfriend ha stated that he does not know how to keep secrets from her and that she considers this being a good thing, because then he cannot make any lies, so she knew that he is going to propose and thus he tried to make it romantic, because he brought Hilaria to one lighthouse and he made his proposal there. She notes that when they were driving, he was asking if she knew where they are going and she answered that no and he said a lot of nice things that made her happy. Alex Baldwin girlfriend family is still in Spain and he stated that the lighthouse is the closest place that he might bring her to her family and that is really romantic. And Alex Baldwin girlfriend was emotional about this, because he really tried to make her happy and even though this was not such a big surprise it was romantic and nice.
Thus in the same interview Alex Baldwin girlfriend notes that they have met each other in the restaurant at first and they did not meet when she was his yoga instructor, because yoga is what she does for her living and what she likes in her life. It looks like this was a funny situation because Alex Baldwin girlfriend was together with her friends and she stated that she wants to fall in love and her friends stated that Alex was watching her. It seems that even though there is an age difference between them they are perfect together and when Alex Baldwin girlfriend met him she did not go home and looked on the internet for information about him because she wanted them to have a chance and this ended with their marriage, so now they are a real family.

alex baldwin girlfriend alex baldwin girlfriend

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