Alex O’Loughlin Girlfriend

Not only that Malia Jones is Alex O’Loughlin girlfriend, she is also the mother of his child. Alex is a star of television series Hawaii 5-0 and Alex O’Loughlin girlfriend is a former surfer and a model. Their son was born on the October 25, bringing them a lot of joy and happiness. The couple has announced about their pregnancy just before Alex turned 36 years old.

And the current Alex O’Loughlin girlfriend is – Malia Jones

Thus, the couple has made their public appearance first at the 9th Annual G’Day USA Los Angeles Black Tie Gala in January they have been quick to expect a baby together. However, even if this is their first son that they have together both of them have children from their previous life when they were with other people. Alex has a boy who is fifteen years old and his name is Saxon and Alex O’Loughlin girlfriend is a mother of also a boy that is only three years old and his name is Spike.
They both have a way of earning their money and are recognizable for the society. Alex is known for the television series Hawaii, but he has also played roles in different movies such as The Back-up Plan, August Rush, The Shield, Whiteout and Three Rivers and Alex O’Loughlin girlfriend has participated in many commercials for Coca-Cola, VO5 shampoo and American Express and she has also appeared on different magazines.
Alex O’Loughlin girlfriend was born in Loma Linda in California in 1977. Her carrier began when in the early age she became fond of surfing and started to take up this activity and she was good at it. At the age fifteen she won the girls division of the United States Amateur Surfing Championship and then her carrier as a model began, because one surfing magazine spotted her and asked her to become a model for their swimsuits.
Alex O’Loughlin girlfriend was married to another surfer in 2007 and they seemed to be a happy family, that is the man that made her pregnant in 2009 and she gave birth to her first son. But it seems that he was not the first man that Malia has been married to. Her first husband was also a surfer; just not a professional one and she married hi in 1999 and then divorced. Alex O’Loughlin girlfriend seems to switch her men quite fast, so Alex is her third one, and let us hope that he is going to be her last one.

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