Alex Rodriguez Girlfriend

Alex Rodriguez girlfriend is Rebeca Yunen Finke and she is like a fresh air for him, because he has had difficult relationships in his life and this young girl makes him feel alive again. The Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez has had health problems and he has been through a surgery in order to fix them. He has had hip surgery and now the new Alex Rodriguez girlfriend helps him to recover and get his strength back in order to get back into his game that he loves o much.

And the current Alex Rodriguez girlfriend is – Rebeca Yunen Finke

Alex Rodriguez girlfriend is quite young and has her whole life in front of her still. She has recently finished her studies and got the degree of Business Administration, so she could help him in all of the business that he would want to take up, because he cannot be in sports for his whole life. Alex Rodriguez girlfriend has finished Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra, which is a Catholic university. Her studies were in the place that she was born in Dominican Republic. She has graduated with honor so it means that she is a smart girl and can do her studies perfectly. Thus, Alex Rodriguez girlfriend is only 24 years old, so she is still young.
Further it seems that Alex gets along with her family also. Alex Rodriguez girlfriend has met him in Casa de Campo, La Romana at a soiree six months before their relationships started. Now he flies to the Dominic Republic in order to stay with his girl and the last time he was picked up at the airport by Alex Rodriguez girlfriend father, so her family seems to be good with her relationship with the famous ballplayer.
In order to keep their relationships at a good state Alex Rodriguez girlfriend has deleted her Facebook and twitter accounts and taken out all of her pictures that were placed there in order not to make him jealous and to keep their private life for themselves only and not for the media. The fact that Rebeca Became Alex Rodriguez girlfriend is quite surprising, because he has been linked in the past with famous celebrities such as Cameron Diaz and even Madonna, so now he found a calm and steady and simple girl for him. Further he is planning to get back into the game in second half of baseball season in 2013 and then we will see how much did Alex Rodriguez girlfriend helped for him.

alex rodriguez girlfriend

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