Alex Turner Girlfriend

Even since Alex broke up with the former Alex Turner girlfriend named Alexa Chung, he was into relationship with Arielle Vandenberg and they have been going on since the last summer. Alex Turner girlfriend is known as an actress from United States. It appears that even though he has divorced with the former Alex Turner girlfriend they still remained friends and are in good terms with each other and that does not surprise anyone, because they spent four years together, so they must have something in common that they still can talk about. It appears that plenty of people could not believe the news that they have split after four years until it was confirmed by his spokesman and he arrived at different places alone without her.

And the current Alex Turner girlfriend is – Arielle Vandenberg

And now the new Ales Turner girlfriend has taken the place next to him and they are excited to be posing together in front of journalist as they look happy and content to be with each other. It appears that she even comes to great him in the airport and they do not care what people think when they hug each other and have a kiss. There are plenty of pictures on the media of them together and even though he has remained friends with Alexa they are never going to be together, because he has moved on with Arielle.
Thus, Alex Turner girlfriend can consider herself lucky, because he has admitted that when it comes to lyrics that he writes he is really emotional and puts all of his love into them and one of the ballads is dedicated to Alex Turner girlfriend. He states that he is really romantic and sometimes because of this he feels like a fool and he notes that there is no way that he can write about something else, because emotions take most of his life at the moment and he likes to put them in a song and dedicate it to Alex Turner girlfriend. He notes that when he is writing songs he takes some short brakes to have a cigarette or drink some coffee and after them even more of romantic stuff crosses his mind and he writes about it.
So the new Alex Turner girlfriend can be happy, because she has a romantic person next to her and he can take care of a lady, so they seem to be happy and when they are apart they really miss each other.

alex turner girlfriend

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