Alexander Skarsgard Girlfriend

Ellen Page can be called as Alexander Skarsgard girlfriend, and their relationship has been lasting for more than a year and seems quite strong. They both are actors and they both took roles in the movie The East and they have been seen together promoting the movie in one park.

And the current Alexander Skarsgard girlfriend is – Ellen Page

Alexander Skarsgard girlfriend was calmly resting on his arms in the park in San Francisco, Alexander, who is Swedish, held her close and she stayed still, while he was planning to kiss her on the cheek and slowly did that. They looked like their love has taken another step and grew even stronger from the beginning of their relationship.
Ellen looked completely happy being Alexander Skarsgard girlfriend makes her safe and sound. They shared their intimate moment together, when a friend took their picture at this particular time when he gave her a kiss, so that Alexander could post it onto his twitter page. Further they used these pictures to promote their new movie, because below the picture Alexander wrote a quote, which was taken from the movie The East.
After finishing their duties in San Francisco they arrived back home both having their casual looks, they were photographed together. However Alexander had other female friends before there was a time in his life, before dating Ellen, when Kate Bosworth was called as Alexander Skarsgard girlfriend. But luckily they separated and better times came from him since the first day that he was with Ellen.
Their first date as a real couple was in June 2012, when they went to see the Stanley Cup final. However they met in the set of The East and that was when their friendship began developing into something more than just warm feelings between these two.
Their relationship has not been officially announced, but Ellen gets threatening letters from Alexander fans that love him desperately. There are even kind of sick posts on the internet about making a lot of hart to Ellen just because they are together. But Alexander Skarsgard girlfriend is not afraid of all those angry people. They like to be together and in The East they have appeared along other famous actors and this is the movie that brought them together so they really liked to play their roles in it. Ellen and Alexander look good together and despite what the public opinion is they seem to be happy and enjoying their time together and all of his fans have to deal with it.

alexander skarsgard girlfriend

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