Amare Stoudemire Girlfriend

Amare Stoudemire girlfriend is Alexis Welch and not only that they are a couple they have decided to get married and did it. It looks like they have been partners for a long time and finally they decided to get married. Thus the ceremony was secret because they did not wanted for media to interact and they wanted to have this celebration just for themselves and have it nice and quiet. It looks like Amare Stoudemire girlfriend has given birth to three if his children so one way or another they are a real family, just that they made it official by having this ceremony.

And the current Amare Stoudemire girlfriend is – Alexis Welch

It looks like the celebration took place in a really important location. Amare Stoudemire girlfriend got married to him on the roof of their apartment on Jane St. It is the same apartment that has been flooded during Hurricane Sandy. It looks like the ceremony was really intimate, because there were only 12 guests and it seems that they waited to get married in order to have the special date of their wedding and it is 12/12/12 so now they can be happy not only that they are an official family but their wedding date is special. One source has stated that the date was the main reason that they did it because of the magic of this number they wanted the ceremony to be magical itself and that is the reason why there were just 12 guests. Thus, it looks like Amare Stoudemire girlfriend and Amare himself are planning to host a bigger wedding also this summer, because they want to have a party to which all of their friends would come, who did not even know that the couple is getting married.
It is a good thing that Amare Stoudemire girlfriend and Amare managed to keep their wedding plans so quiet and all the details were not known for people. It looks like those 12 guests in their wedding were mostly family including their three children that participated. It looks like there was also a Jewish chupan, because Amare seems to be interested in Jewish faith. It looks like Amare Stoudemire girlfriend was wearing a special dress made for her and Amare wore Calvin Klein suit, so they looked fantastic both of them. Further the couple wanted to share the news after their marriage so Amare Stoudemire girlfriend changed her name on her twitter account as soon as the ceremony ended and Amare posted that this date is significant for them.

amare stoudemire girlfriend amare stoudemire girlfriend

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