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Even though Faryal Makhdoom I known not only as Amir Khan girlfriend, but also as his fiancé there are always plenty of people that want to destroy everything that they have achieved in their life including their relationship and their emotions for one another. Even though they are one of the couples that is most loved in Britain it appears that their status as stars gets in the way and Amir has plenty of girl fans that want to ruin his relationship and have him only for themselves. So it appears that the great boxer has cheated on Amir Khan girlfriend with two women the same day, but these are only rumors and they are not confirmed by any proof.

And the current Amir Khan girlfriend is – Faryal Makhdoom

It appears that the time when he went on holiday to Marbella with his friends the reports have it that he fooled around with two women during the same day. It appears that one of the girls that he has fooled with has decided to talk to the media. Tanya Reed wanted to reveal Amir Khan girlfriend to whom she is going to get married. Tanya states that the boxer kissed her and she striped down to her underwear before they were going in a hot tub and she states that she has left her shoes on, but according to her the boxer took them of and thrown them somewhere. She states that he has kissed her and she was thinking that she is kissing the famous boxer and that she did not known that there exist Amir Khan girlfriend and that she found out this only latter and Tanya states that she feels sorry for Amir Khan girlfriend, because he cheats on her and if she could tell something for Amir Khan girlfriend she would tell her not to marry him. Thus these are only her talks.
It appears that there are rumors that before he was kissing Tanya he has been with another girl the same evening and they were together for the most part of the day so this should be hard for Amir Khan girlfriend if this really happened. The rumors have it that Amir was happy to be in her company and he has spilled champagne into her mouth and they have been into the pool together. Thus after all these talks Amir seems to be calm, so maybe Amir Khan girlfriend does not believe them or she is fine with his behavior.

amir khan girlfriend

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