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Having reached a lot of records and personal in his sports life, Andy Murray tried to succeed the ultimate goal in his personal life: he finally proposed to his girlfriend Kim Sears. Now Andy Murray girlfriend Kim will be not only his girlfriend, but his future wife too.
25 years old tennis player Andy Murray popped the question only after he had won the Grand Slam tournament. Britain had its winner only 76 years ago when Fred Perry managed to bring the trophy back home.

And the current Andy Murray girlfriend is – Kim Sears

Andy Murray was celebrating his victory in the crowd with his mother Judy when he decided to ask the final question and to secure his victory in both sports and personal life by asking his girlfriend to marry him. They have been dating for more than 7 years now and that is why Andy Murray girlfriend said yes.
Anyone who is close to Andy Murray said that they were not surprised that Andy finally popped the question. Andy Murray girlfriend Kim was with him for almost a decade through thick and thin. Roberto Forzoni who is 52 years old psychologist says that he is not very surprised to see Andy marrying Kim.

He also adds that Andy Murray girlfriend Kim has brought calmness and steadiness into his life. She managed to make him settle down and Andy Murray girlfriend is the one who was behind all his luck and success. Andy Murray girlfriend is someone he can rely on. What is more, they are enjoying each other’s company and they are a perfect match for each other.

Judy described Andy Murray girlfriend Kim as the best thing that has ever happened to her and her son. They met in 2005 and were together for four years up to 2009. They lived separately for few months but then decided to get back together and lived together happily ever since.

A lot of fans from all over the world are interested not only in his success in his personal life, but also about him making history. At the first place he did not want to talk about it but then he said that he was quite nervous during the match itself because then was the time when he realised that is a very important part of British tennis history. Now the tennis player says that he is happy that everything is over.
Hopefully, this is not the end for Andy Murray’s sports and personal life and he will be reaching even for far more.

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