Andy Roddick Girlfriend

Andy Roddick girlfriend is Brooklyn Decker and the couple appears too happy with one another and having a nice time together. It appears that the tennis player has decided to take some changes in his life and has announced about his retirement from professional sports. He has stated that he is going to finish the tournament that he is now and then he is going to quit sports and enjoy his free time with Andy Roddick girlfriend. He is 30 years old and this might be another reason that he is going to finish his carrier, because in tennis it is important to have a lot of strength and this might not be the best quality that he has.

And the current Andy Roddick girlfriend is – Brooklyn Decker

It appears that Andy Roddick girlfriend is with him when he decided to leave sports, because it was about time for him to relax and live a normal and ordinary life with his wife and they had the opportunity to choose to live wherever they have wanted to. Andy Roddick girlfriend is a model and an actress so they both are famous and they want to live a normal and calm life together after getting married. Andy Roddick girlfriend also deserves some rest together with her husband and they are planning to have it in their home.
Even though Andy Roddick girlfriend was the daughter of two people that are not famous at all she managed to make her carrier in modeling and is famous for her photo shoots with Sports Illustrated where she was promoting swimsuits, so her body lines are perfect in order to appear in this kind of pictures. In 2010 she was on the cover of this magazine and that was one of the most important achievements that she has made in her carrier as a model. Since the time that she appeared on the cover she has made guest appearance on different television shows and she has had roles in different movies that made her even more famous and known.
Andy Roddick girlfriend got married with him in the year 2009 and since then their relationship seems to be normal and they love each other. They look great in different pictures and they are happy with one another and living their life retired and as normal as possible. When they moved to their new home they even had a party that was big and fancy so Andy Roddick girlfriend is perfect for him.

andy roddick girlfriend andy roddick girlfriend

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