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Andy is the star of The Saturday Night Live and he has been with Joanna Newsome for a lot of time until he finally decided to propose. He is 34 years old and in the Independent Spirit Awards his girlfriend showed of a spectacular engagement ring and since then the internet exploded with their engagement announcements. Not only that Andy Samberg girlfriend had the engagement ring, but also he announced for US Weekly that he is planning to marry his 31 years old girlfriend, who is a singer in the future.

And the current Andy Samberg girlfriend is – Joanna Newsome

It seems that their closest friends knew about their plans to get married and get engaged, because this event was no surprise for them. The couple has met five years ago through friends and they have been together since then and kept their relationships in private and tried to be quite about it. Their mutual friend told to the press that Andy loved Joanna’s music and enjoyed her shows and the way that she writes her songs made him feel content about her and it seems that Andy Samberg girlfriend also likes what he does in life and they both like each other’s lifestyle.
Andy Samberg girlfriend also respects his songs and what he does with them, according to her friend. Further the chemistry that they share among them seems to be noticeable for everyone because their friends agree that they make a great couple.
Thus, Andy has a lot going on in his carrier as an actor because he stopped being in The Saturday Night Live, so Andy Samberg girlfriend has to be patient because he spends a lot of time in his work, because there are two upcoming movies that he took up roles in. he signed up for the comedy Grown Ups 2 to take part in it with the famous Adam Sandler and is happy about his role in the movie.
The couple seems to be happy together, because after five years spend together they still share the same chemistry as they did in the beginning and it can be sensed all around them. Andy Samberg girlfriend is happy with him and it shows of in her face in their pictures that are all over the internet. She states that Andy is a perfect man for her and Andy notes that not only that he loves her music, but he loves herself as well.

andy samberg girlfriend

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