Anthony Kiedis Girlfriend

Helena Vestergaard appears to be the new girlfriend of a rocker Anthony Kiedis, who is a member of a famous group Red Hot Chili Peppers and even though he is much more older that his model girlfriend that does not get in the way for them to enjoy their time together and have a ride on a motorbike. The couple was seen together in L.A enjoying their time and romantically spending it. They looked like the rest of the world does not exist for them and that they do not care what people think, because they were hugging and kissing each other standing next to the motorbike and that is good for them.

And the current Anthony Kiedis girlfriend is – Helena Vestergaard

It appears that the couple looks in love, because Anthony Kiedis girlfriend was seen laughing from his jokes and he was saying something to her, while holding her in a romantic way close to him and they looked perfect, just like teenagers enjoying their first love and their time together. Anthony Kiedis girlfriend looked perfect in the way that she was dressed after all; she is a model so she has a perfect figure and that is another reason why he enjoys hugging her and pushing her close to himself.
And even though the singer has a son that does not do any trouble for them to spend time together, because previously the couple has been spotted together with him in one market spending their time and Anthony Kiedis girlfriend was acting nice with his five year old boy so they looked like a real family. It appears that Anthony Kiedis girlfriend has helped him to recover after his recent incident when he was staying in one hotel and a guard thought that he is a fan of Rolling Stones and tried to get him out of hotel and Anthony pushed the guard, but now the incident is forgotten and he can move on with his time with Anthony Kiedis girlfriend. It appears that Kiedis was not so angry on the guard, because when the incident was over they shook hands and went their ways.
So even though Anthony Kiedis girlfriend is younger almost twenty year, because he is fifty years old the couple enjoys their love and spends time together even though plenty of people are watching them that does not get in the way and the media is full of pictures of this couple enjoying their time.

anthony kiedis girlfriend

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