Arthur Darvill Girlfriend

Even though Sophie Wu is known as Arthur Darvill girlfriend still there are rumors about this actor. It appears that he has decided to leave one of the shows that he has been a part of and he has talked in one interview to gay magazine about this. It looks like Arthur decided to get out of the show, because as he states himself he does not want to stay there where he is no longer needed. The actor notes that there comes a time in a show when it becomes not funny for the actor himself or for the audience and then comes a time to change this and do something about this so he decided to leave.

And the current Arthur Darvill girlfriend is – Sophie Wu

He states that they are trying to make the show at its best place at the peak and then leave it when it reaches the top so Arthur Darvill girlfriend is going to get more time from this actor and this could be good for their relationship. So there was also a question asked what he is going to do when Doctor Who comes to an end. And there will be another person taking his place in the show and he is going to move on into other shows. Thus it looks like there will be plenty of memories of him, because there are perfect pictures where he is wearing a pair of underwear only so Arthur Darvill girlfriend must like them. It appears that he has been photographed for the cover of Gay Times magazine and these pictures are intriguing also. It appears that because of these pictures and the fact that this magazine is gay there were rumors going out that Arthur himself is homosexual, but these are only rumors. It appears that also in one of his interviews a man has asked if he was gay and Arthur replied that if he is not interested than he should not care about this.
And he is straight because there exist Arthur Darvill girlfriend and her name is Sophie Wu and it looks like the couple is serious together there are pictures of them making out in the street and Arthur Darvill girlfriend is an actress also she is from England. So the talks about his being homosexual should stop, because Arthur Darvill girlfriend looks nice and they are together and enjoying their time while making out and just hanging out.

arthur darvill girlfriend

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