Ashley Cole Girlfriend

Even though Ashley Cole girlfriend does not exist at the moment and he is single and on the market there are plenty of rumors of him being with different women, but none of them are proved so it looks like Chelsea star is single and available for ladies to grab him if they just want to. It looks like Ashley can be a little bit strange when it comes to relationship and dating other people because once one girl that can be named as Ashley Cole girlfriend has decided to reveal one interesting fact about their relationship it appears that he decided to invite her to live together with him only after four dates that they have been to together and that did not include any sexual relationship among them.

And the current Ashley Cole girlfriend is – single

Melissa Howe that was the Ashley Cole girlfriend that he wanted to come and live with him is a model for Playboy and she is 21 years old, so she has stated that even though they have spent some time together and seen each other naked she did not have any sexual relationship with him yet. She has also stated that he asked her to come and live together with him and that was shocking for her and she stated that he has to wait for some time in order for this to happen, because it was too soon to begin living together. She states that she is not like those girls that jump into the bed of men as soon as they can. It appears that he suggested for Ashley Cole girlfriend to move in just after ten days since they met in one London’s Playboy club.
Thus, he has had other relationship in the past and has been even married once to the former Ashley Cole girlfriend and they lived together in the mansion that is worth 3 million of pounds, but they broke up their marriage. So he brought the new Ashley Cole to this mansion and she like it especially the Jacuzzi that was really relaxing for her and it appears that she used to think that they could make their relationship more serious but she wanted to wait because she was only 21 years old and it was too early for her to move in with him. And it appears that even though Ashley Cole girlfriend thought that they could be serious things did not work for them and now he is single.

ashley cole girlfriend ashley cole girlfriend

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