Ashton Kutcher Girlfriend

Ashton Kutcher girlfriend is a famous actress named Mila Kunis and her carrier is more known because of her relationships with Ashton, who is known for hosting the shows and also he is an actor and has acted in a lot of movies. Further it looks that Ashton Kutcher girlfriend is serious about him, because she has introduced her to her family and it looks like she has their parent’s approval for their relationships.

And the current Ashton Kutcher girlfriend is – Mila Kunis

The former Ashton Kutcher girlfriend was Demi Moore and he has been married to her. They spent six years together and divorced in 2011. The new Ashton Kutcher girlfriend is becoming more and more famous, because she has been filming in plenty of movies over the last few years and her star is rising quickly. Ashton Kutcher girlfriend has stated that being in relationship with him attracts even more attention to her personal life and she wants to keep it for herself but it is becoming really hard.
Even if Ashton Kutcher girlfriend tries to keep her personal life to herself and be more censored, she does not like to lie, because she states that if you are lying the truth always finds a way to come out and she does not like to lie.
Due to her looks Mila was filming in the movie The Black Swan, which gained her a lot of success and approval from movie critics. She has expressive eyes and likes to focus all the attention to them. They are dark and deep and when they are doing photo shoots she likes to keep her lips in a simple color and expresses her eyes.
Even if Ashton Kutcher girlfriend is only 29 years old, she states that she would like to do only one movie in a year, because she does not like to be so tired when doing three movies a year. Further she wants to explore other opportunities of work like producing or something else that she can do being at home. Ashton Kutcher girlfriend has stated in the interview for Playboy magazine that she does not want to spend all of her life acting and that she would love to have a family.
Ashton Kutcher girlfriend is happy with him and they do not want to be seen in public so often, because they both want to keep their personal life to themselves and they are happy together, maybe Ashton will be perfect for Mila to create the family that she wants.

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