Aston Merrygold Girlfriend

It looks like the star of the band JLS cannot be called as a jealous type of person because he is not like the most of the men that exist these days. Sarah Richards can be lucky to be called as Aston Merrygold girlfriend, because he seems like a nice person to be dating. It looks like he is the type of men that understand women and the fact that other men try to flirt with Aston Merrygold girlfriend. The singer finds it as a compliment for her and he is happy that he is together with the women that other men seems to be jealous of, because she is not only pretty but also smart.

And the current Aston Merrygold girlfriend is – Sarah Richards

It seems that Aston Merrygold girlfriend met him when she was a backing dancer for JLS and ever since then the couple seems to be strong and working out their relationship in a perfect way. It looks like their romance started in September, but they are trusting in each other and that is another reason why Aston Merrygold girlfriend should be happy about, because he does not complain for her if other men are flirting with her. It looks like they trust each other in a perfect way and their relationship are heading in the right direction, because they seem to be strong about one another and in love with each other.
It looks like Aston Merrygold girlfriend gets even more attention from men than he gets from women that are his fans. He has stated in one interview that she gets more attention and men come up to her more often than his fans come to him. And he states that when women come up to him he just says that he has a girlfriend and that is it. Thus it looks like even though Aston Merrygold girlfriend has been together with him for more than seven months the singer states that he is not ready to go into the next level of their relationship and ask her to move in together with him. He states that this move would be too soon for him in his life and the state where he is right now. He also states that it would be too soon to create a family for him and expect babies, because he does not feel like it is the right time to do this, so he is planning to keep on just dating Aston Merrygold girlfriend.

aston merrygold girlfriend

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