Avan Jogia girlfriend

Avan Jogia is a famous Canadian actor, who is mostly known from the television series Victorious where he played the role of Beck Oliver. Avan Jogia girlfriend is Zoey Deutch who is also an actress. The couple spends time together and they attend different events. They have attended their good friends Victoria’s birthday together. Avan Jogia girlfriend full name is Zoey Francis Thompson Deutch and her nickname is Zobo. All of her friends call her this way and she does not mind them doing it, because she likes her nickname.

And the current Avan Jogia girlfriend is – Zoey Deutch

Avan Jogia girlfriend comes from a family, where all of the members are known for the public, because they are famous in one way or another. Her mother is known for her role in the television series Switched at Birth. Avan Jogia girlfriend has a mother who is Lea Thompson. Her father is known director, whose movie Grumpier Old Men gained him fame. His name is Howard Deutch. So her parents are both in movie making business and her future as an actress could have been known from the day that she was born. Furthermore, her grandfather is Murray Deutch, a person that is highly known as an icon of music-publishing.
Thus, Avan Jogia girlfriend loves all kind of animals and likes to take care of them, so she is a caring person and has a good heart. It looks that her family house in San Fernando Valley was considered to be a zoo, because of all of the pets that they had there, including An African Grey parrot, koi fish and six dogs. Thus, they also had a horse stable near the house, because there is plenty of space around the mansion to have other buildings there.
Avan Jogia girlfriend is born on the 10th of November. She has a great relationship with her mother and loves to spend time with her whenever they can; they have also worked together with one comedy Mayor Cupcake. All in all it looks that her future was decided when she was young and seeing the example from her parents it was not so hard to find her own way. Thus Avan Jogia seems to be not so serious about their relationships, because rumor has it that he has said once that he is not planning to marry Zoey even if he loves her, because these are not his plans. There were also rumors that the couple has slip up, but still they are together.

avan jogia girlfriend avan jogia girlfriend

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