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Aziz Ansari girlfriend does not exist. But for his fans there is one interview where he has talked about girls and the things that he likes to do so they can take the advice if they want to be with him and become known as the new Aziz Ansari girlfriend. It appears that due to the fact that he does not have that special girl in his life when asked what he did the last Valentine’s Day he stated that he ate some chicken and watched a movie ant that he does this very Thursday so he did not even mind that this is Valentine’s Day.

And the current Aziz Ansari girlfriend is – Single

He notes that when it comes to women he is looking for a special girl that would make him laugh and not only him but people also, that would be outgoing and nice. He states that Aziz Ansari girlfriend should know how to have fun and when the night would be close to over, she should grab people and go dancing instead of wanting to go home, because he likes to have fun once and a while. He notes that also it is really important that his girl would like to meet and talk on the phone, because he does not like people that always text their messages, because he notes that this does not seem serious and he would not want to do this. Further, Aziz Ansari girlfriend should like to eat tacos and other good food that he also likes, so that they could have a good dinner.
He notes that one of the attractive features that he would like to find in a potential Aziz Ansari girlfriend would be passion for something, for example a hobby, because he notes that this is really important if a person shares passion like playing a piano or doing something else that a person is good at. He states that this would be perfect in a girl.
Also there are some turn offs that Aziz Ansari girlfriend should not have is she wants to be good for him. If a girl acts rude he does not like her from the moment that she does this. Also he does not like if a woman is not talkative, because if she hides inside that will not work for him. Also Aziz Ansari girlfriend should not be the one that does not take care of her looks, because he likes nice people that look good.

aziz ansari girlfriend

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