Bam Margera Girlfriend

Bam Margera lives an interesting life because of his profession, he is a star of the show Jackass, where he is supposed to do all king of crazy things in order to try something new and entertain the people that watch their show. Bam Margera girlfriend is Nikki Boyd. Even though he has a girl sometimes there are women that do not understand this and still want to be with him. Once he had an interesting event in his life while he was sleeping with Bam Margera girlfriend.

And the current Bam Margera girlfriend is – Nikki Boyd

He states that one night he has woken up, because a woman was kissing him and because he did not understood at first what was happening he told Bam Margera girlfriend to stop doing this because he s sleeping and he wants to have arrest, because Bam is tired. But then the Jackass star realized that his girl is sleeping and he woke up and found an interesting burglar into his house. The woman cannot be called as a burglar, because she was not robbing them, she was just standing naked near their bed and trying to kiss him. When he understood that it was not Bam Margera girlfriend he immediately called the police.
It seems that the girl, who was kissing him, was just some kind of a hippie person and that she was the same one, who was stalking him for over a year, so this was in a way a relieve to Bam, because finally he found out who his stalker was. Police too the woman with them and arrested her for some time, but because she has also charges from different things Bam decided not to press any charges on her, because he feels sorry for his stalker. And Bam Margera girlfriend agrees with him.
Bam Margera girlfriend is a model and he has met her when they both were filming for one video for The 69 Eyes’ song “Gone N Dead” and they liked each other since then. Their relationship has been going on for some time now and his girl is beautiful. Bam Margera girlfriend in 28 years old and she has perfect body lines, she has been in modeling carrier for a long time and started it in San Francisco, but latter on as most of the girls do she moved to L.A. in order to achieve more as a model. Bam Margera is lucky to have a girl like this in his life.

bam margera girlfriend bam margera girlfriend

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