Basshunter Girlfriend

It looks like Basshunter, who is a singer and has made plenty of songs that were known all over the world has been into a relationship with Aylar Lie, who is a porn star. It appears that he has asked her to participate in one of his videos, that later became extremely popular and since then he has been going out with her, so she must have something that makes him happy, without her perfect looks that has attracted plenty of viewers to see the video that he has made with her. Not only this, but the video contains a love story just as his song that he is living with Aylar and it appears that they made their relationship real after filming in it together.

And the current Basshunter girlfriend is – Aylar Lie

Thus there are plenty of rumors about Basshunter girlfriend it looks like they are going out and the rumors that she has other men that are millionaires are not true, further Basshunter girlfriend can be happy with him, because he has quite a big net worth of his own, so if the rumors are spreading just to show that she loves men with money they can stop. It looks like she is Norwegian, but has Iranian blood. Basshunter girlfriend has had a rough childhood, because she grew up in a foster home, when she was taken away from her parents and still she managed to fix her life in a perfect way. her carrier began when she started to at in music videos and became popular and plenty of singers wanted to have her in their videos.
Basshunter girlfriend was raised by a foster family and they treated her nicely. She left her home country when she was three years old and moved to Norway and it is a good thing for her, because life began in here and she made her way. Even though she started working as a porn actress, that was just the beginning and Basshunter girlfriend is not ashamed to state that she has been filming in porn movies, because this was the only way for her to become noticed.
Without her acting abilities Basshunter girlfriend has won a beauty pageant because her looks is perfect as most of people have seen already. So Basshunter girlfriend is happy to be with him and they both make their carrier as they participate in his videos together and gain plenty of success. So she made her life as a lot of women only dream about.

basshunter girlfriend basshunter girlfriend

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