Beth Ditto Girlfriend

It seems that finally Beth Ditto girlfriend is no longer just her girl, but she also is her marriage partner, because they became married and this is good for the both women that are in love with each other and they have been dating for a long time now and it was about time to get married and become fully committed to one another. Kristin Ogata that is the name of Beth Ditto girlfriend has agreed to get married with her and the couple hosted their marriage celebration in a romantic place, the island of Maui. They had a real Hawaiian marriage that was both content of. It appears that the real date when the marriage of Beth Ditto girlfriend and Beth herself took place but their nuptials have been posted as a statement on Gossip’s Facebook page. So the media knew that they are married now.

And the current Beth Ditto girlfriend is – Kristin Ogata

It looks like there was also a picture posted on the statement of Beth Ditto girlfriend and Beth in their marriage clothes and the statement said that they are finally at home where they are having a rest after their ceremony. It appears that the ceremony was so exiting that they can finally rest from all the excitement that they shared on their special day. It appears that they stated that they are thankful for all the people that celebrate this day together with them including their family members and also friends that were gathered together with Beth Ditto girlfriend and Beth herself. Also she used this statement in order to say thank you for the designer that made her dress and he is Jean Paul Gaultier and she stated that the dress was just like she has dreamed about.
It appears that Beth Ditto girlfriend likes the way that Beth looked at their wedding, because she was wearing a traditional dress with a veil and she walked down the aisle without any shoes, she was barefoot. Further, the couple spent ten years together before they became engaged and that is how long it took them to confirm that they are meant to be together. Beth Ditto girlfriend also looked good during their wedding, she was casual. So it looks like finally the couple is right there where they should be married. Beth notes that she always wanted to be in a marriage and that she is comfortable this way.

beth ditto girlfriend beth ditto girlfriend

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