Bill Belichick Girlfriend

It looks like the coach of New England Patriots that many of people considered to have no emotions and to be cold as ice because of the way that he trains his team and manages to make them successful finally has a special person in his life names Linda Holliday and she can be called as Bill Belichick girlfriend. O after the news spread about their relationship it looks like Bill Belichick girlfriend became famous from the time that rumors spread about them being together. It appears that plenty of people are happy to see this young and beautiful girl next to Bill Belichick and the fact that she is the new Bill Belichick girlfriend is great for his fans.

And the current Bill Belichick girlfriend is – Linda Holliday

Thus she is not the first one that is special in the life of the coach, because he has been married once and Debby Clarke has had the opportunity to be called as Bill Belichick girlfriend up until 2006 but their relationship broke off because of reasons that are understandable for every woman that was cheated in their life. It looks like the former Bill Belichick girlfriend decided to get her divorce when the rumors spread about Bill that he was having an affair with Sharon Shenocca that worked with him as a receptionist for the NY Giants and she was seen with him by his side in 2008 SuperBowl. And not only this, there was another lady that was seen by his side also named Linda and she is the current Bill Belichick girlfriend, so his former wife made the right decision by ending their marriage.
Thus Bill is 59 years old and Linda is 48 years old so their age difference is not so big. It looks like Bill Belichick girlfriend is a mother of two children and she is proud of this fact. She has twin girls that she loves so much. The couple met each other in one night club in February of 2007. It appears that Linda likes to be in business, because she has her own clothing line that she has funded in 2006 but in 2009 her store was closed. Further she has tried herself out in television and was a television correspondent. It looks like Bill Belichick girlfriend is engaged to him and they are serious and the team that he is responsible for as a coach is happy because Linda is Bell Belichick girlfriend due to one simple reason, because his mood is much better now.

bill belichick girlfriend bill belichick girlfriend

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