Bill Kaulitz Girlfriend

Bill Kaulitz girlfriend does not exist and even though he is highly popular among his fans it appears that he is better of alone at least for now. Due to the fact that he is a member of one popular group or at least they were extremely popular a couple of years ago named Tokyo Hotel he has plenty of girl fans. Further the fact that they used to sing not only in German language but also in English also has increased the list of the girls liking him and wanting to become Bill Kaulitz girlfriend.

And the current Bill Kaulitz girlfriend is – Single

Bill Kaulitz has stated in one interview the basic reason that he is single it appears that the biggest problem that he has is to begin to trust someone. He has stated that in the last couple of years he has not made any friends, because of this issue and also he states that it is real hard to find Bill Kaulitz girlfriend when you do not trust anyone that has not been in your life for a longer time. He states that this is just like a lifestyle, because he is really careful when he meets someone new.
He has stated that Bill Kaulitz girlfriend does not exist and that he is single and that he still has plenty of time to find that special someone, because he is still young and the whole life is in front of him. Thus, he also notes that maybe he would like to have a special person that people could call as Bill Kaulitz girlfriend but he has not found the right one. Thus he states that when finally he founds someone he would like to be a perfect guy for her.
Bill Kaulitz girlfriend would be lucky, because he has notes that he likes to be romantic, although people do not think this way about him, further he likes to be sentimental and he states that if you get to know a person and all of his character it is much easier to avoid the conflicts that might appear between them, so he would do this.
There are people that think that he is homosexual and that is way Bill Kaulitz girlfriend does not exist but he stated that this is not true and people create these kinds of rumors because of his hair style and the way that he likes to dress. So girls can be calm, because he is single and available and not gay.

bill kaulitz girlfriend

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