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Bill Maher is a comedian and through his long lifetime he has been in a lot of relationships with different women, but he has never been married and does not have children either. He has been in relationships with women that only wanted to use him, because he is famous and has a lot of money. Bill Maher girlfriend list is made of about eighteen women and all of them are different.

And the current Bill Maher girlfriend is – Single

In 2003 Coco Johnsen got the chance to be called as Bill Maher girlfriend. She is a famous former Playboy Cyber Girl and that says a lot about this woman. Their relationships lasted for not so long about 17 months and ended in 2004. After Bill Maher girlfriend and Bill’s relationship ended she was so angry and wanted to gain money from him, that she decided to sue him. In court the former Bill Maher girlfriend explained that she is suing him because of all the pain and suffering that he has caused and because he has insulted her and used humiliating comments.
Former Bill Maher girlfriend stated that Bill has promised a lot of things for her, like becoming the father of her children, helping her financially and purchasing a home in Beverly Hills for her. Bill Maher girlfriend stated that in order to be with him she had to quit her job as a flight attendant and occasional model, so she lost all of her income because of Bill.
In 2004 in court Bill Maher lawyers made a response for Bill Maher girlfriend. They stated that he is a famous bachelor and is single and that he has never promised to marry her or have children with her. After this and losing in the court former Bill Maher girlfriend began a campaign in order to humiliate him and get money from him.
Former Bill Maher girlfriend was a difficult person, because she has accused of another man in the earlier stages of her life of similar things like she accused Bill, but neither the first nor the second time worked for her and she lost both times.
Bill states in his website that he is happy to be a bachelor and that he likes to be single and does not want to marry any time soon. He also jokes that because Bill Maher girlfriend does not exist all of his friend’s wives do not like them to be with Bill, because he is a bad example.

bill maher girlfriend

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