Blake Griffin Girlfriend

Blake Griffin, who is a famous NBA star who prefers models as his girlfriends and in the past a lot of famous models have been called as Blake Griffin girlfriend. Due to the fact that he is a good basketball player Blake can choose pretty women and his taste is clear for everyone. He loves women that have a nice figure and are attractive by their looks.

And the current Blake Griffin girlfriend is – Kate Upton

Blake Griffin girlfriend seems to be Kate Upton at the moment, another famous supermodel with a fantastic looks. They have been seen together holding hands and cuddling in one event and since then their connection appears to be even stronger.
Although Blake loves his women perfect Kate seems to like her men to be good in sports and she has dated a lot of athletes recently. Blake Griffin girlfriend had such boyfriends like: Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander of Major League Baseball, Frank Viola III and New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez of the NFL. Kate seems to like people that can show of their looks and also that have achieved something in spots in their life.
Blake Griffin girlfriend, who is only 21, has had different relationships before Blake and when the rumors spread about them, there were also other rumors that she is dating different men the same week. Due to the fact that she is famous and beautiful she is linked to many men. Although other rumors were untrue the one about Kate and Griffin seems to be true. Blake Griffin girlfriend was going out with different men in order to show the paparazzi that she is not afraid of rumors about her.
Blake Griffin girlfriend and Blake seems to suit each other, because he is closer to her age, than any other boyfriend that she has had in her life and Blake is good at what he does and has achieved something in his life. Kate is a nice model she is popular and extremely beautiful, so they may have found perfect people for one another according to their expectations.
Blake Griffin girlfriend before Kate was Daniella Grace Almeida also a beautiful blonde girl that was also a model for different advertisements, she has also began to make her carrier as an actress and is good at it, but something between them went wrong and they broke up and Blake went on searching for another girl.
Blake Griffin girlfriend is perfect and as long as they are together they make a nice couple and if they would split up it would not take long for one or another to find someone else.

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