Brandi Carlile Girlfriend

Catherine Shepherd is Brandi Carlile girlfriend and they also engaged not only that they are a couple. It looks like Brandy is content of the way that the Referendum 74 has turned out to be and that finally lesbian marriages are good to be done and she states that being engaged with Brandi Carlile girlfriend is great for her and the fact that equality has spread in the world makes her even more content because she states that it is nice to know that people care not only about themselves. She has also talked about the way that Brandi Carlile girlfriend met her.

And the current Brandi Carlile girlfriend is – Kristin Ogata

It appears that they met because of charitable reasons. Brandi Carlile girlfriend was working as Charity coordinator for Sir Paul McCartney and that was when they met, so now they have his blessing to continue their relationship and Brandi Carlile girlfriend left her job in order to go to USA where she can be together with Brandi and even though she has worked in her job the last ten years her feelings for Brandi were more important and she left everything in order to be with her and this is a great thing to do in order to prove your love.
Brandi Carlile girlfriend also joins Brandi on the road when she is traveling because of her charity foundation in order to collect more money. It appears that Brandi Carlile girlfriend has taken up a lot of interest in her charitable organization and has given some important advice in how to collect more money. Brandi also states that having Catherine in her life is amazing, because she has so many ideas and she is so into music and philanthropy so they suit each other and they have similar interest that they can share together.
It appears that Brandi was the one that made the first moves in asking Brandi Carlile girlfriend to become married and she states that she wanted to give all the news to her fans as soon as she found out what is Brandi Carlile girlfriend answer and since it was positive she shared the news with the media and her happiness also. She states that she was influenced by many gay artists and that finally she decided that she wants to get married and this is a big deal in her life because there comes a big responsibility and she wants to get in this with Brandi Carlile girlfriend.

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