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Brody Jenner fans can be sad, because currently he is again of the market and not available anymore. It looks like Brody Jenner girlfriend is Bryana Holly. Their relationships are confirmed by E! News. The new Brody Jenner girlfriend comes from a nice place in California that is Huffington Beach. Not only that she is a model with stunning looks, she has been named Miss September of the year 2012 by TransWorld Surf. A source has stated that their relationships were not planed and it just happened and the pair is together for not so long, but they are happy at the place that they are now.

And the current Brody Jenner girlfriend is – Bryana Holly

Brody Jenner girlfriend has traveled to Hawaii with him where they are enjoying their time together and in pictures they look like they are having a honey moon, because they are really into one another. There are plenty of pictures of them enjoying their vacation, kissing and hugging each other. Brody Jenner girlfriend has also posted some pictures of them being together, so they do not mind sharing their happiness with others. They look happy in the picture and if she shares it that must mean that at least for now their relationship are serious.
Thus, the current Brody Jenner girlfriend is the first one that he openly reveals in public after his brake up with the singer Avril Lavigne that happened in the beginning of 2012. Thus, the former Brody Jenner girlfriend and Brody’s relationship were really serious; they spend even two years together and did matching tattoos before ending their romance.
Brody Jenner girlfriend should be thrilled, because her man likes to travel a lot and has posted plenty of pictures on Instagram enjoying his journeys and with spectacular views. He has even stated that his dream is to travel around the planet and people should fulfill their dreams no matter what they are, people should try in achieving them.
So Brody Jenner girlfriend should get ready, because he is not the kind of man that spends most of the time at home, and when he travels he prefers that his girl would come together as long as she has time to do this. Brody has visited plenty of places around the world including some of spectacular islands and he is not planning to stop soon and as long as Brody Jenner girl does not want to ruin his dream, they will be a perfect couple.

brody jenner girlfriend brody jenner girlfriend

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