Bruno Mars Girlfriend

Bruno mars is one of the most popular singers nowadays and he has a lot of fans all over the world that are interested not only in his carrier and how it develops but also they are curious about his personal life and what is going on in there. The public opinion is that the status of being Bruno Mars girlfriend is a privilege that every girl would want due to his lovely lyrics and incredible voice.

And the current Bruno Mars girlfriend is – Jessica Caban

Actually Bruno Mars girlfriend should now a lot of things about him in order to be good for him. Bruno is not his real name; he just uses it for the stage. His real name is Peter Gene Hernandez and he was born and was raised in Hawaii and came to Los Angeles only after he has finished high-school. He began to perform in his hometown in the early times of his life. He has released a lot of popular songs that women love and his voice is amazing.
However a lot of females have to be made sad because Bruno Mars girlfriend exists and they seem to be perfectly happy together. It is clear that not only that he is in a serious relationship, but they are getting in the next stage and they are happy together.
The name of Bruno Mars girlfriend is Jessica Caban. She can be better known by her nickname which is Vacaban. His girlfriend was born in New York and was also raised in this city; the date of her birth is 13th of June in 1982. Her professional life is also very colorful, because she is American fashion model, is an actress and also a dancer. Bruno Mars girlfriend became famous when she won the first season of Model Latina, which is a popular show.
Their relationship seems to be started in the year 2011 and is seen as a very strong and serious. The rumors about this couple have spread during their time together, which is perfectly normal because they both are famous. Bruno Mars girlfriend has also won an award for her acting abilities. So the rumor is that they have started to live together, but it is not clear yet if this is true. Also, talks about their engagement have spread, but this is also not proved. All in all, they are a beautiful couple and if their relationships are strong, then they could be getting married and everyone would be jealous for them.

bruno mars girlfriend bruno mars girlfriend

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