Calvin Harris Girlfriend

Calvin Harris girlfriend seems to be the singer that has a reputation that sometimes is considered not so good and he is highly popular. Calvin is famous all over the world and plenty of his fans like to listen to his music and come to his concerts in order just to see him and not to mention all the women that dream about becoming Calvin Harris girlfriend, so the biggest part of these dreams can be shattered, because Calvin Harris girlfriend exist and it appears to be serious for them both, because they look like they are really in love n their pictures and seem to be happy.

And the current Calvin Harris girlfriend is – Rita Ora

It appears that their relationships have not lasted for so long, but when it comes to celebrities their emotions evolve in a fast way. Calvin Harris girlfriend has been with him for only a couple of weeks, at least in public, maybe they have been together for longer, but not published their emotions. It appears that the singer bought home for them both to stay in so it is a good thing that he makes a lot of money if he wants to spend them in such a fast way and with women that he barely knows.
It appears that the former Calvin Harris girlfriend also agrees on his relationship with Rita, because they were having a dinner together all three of them. The former Calvin Harris girlfriend is Elle Goulding and she seems to like Rita a lot. There are rumors that Calvin has spent even 4,5 million of dollars on the new home that he is planning to live with Rita and is not this the best thing that a man can buy in order to please his girl. The mansion that they are planning to spend their time in is really big and has plenty of space.
It appears that after buying the mansion Calvin Harris girlfriend will be flattered even more, because he decided to throw a party there just as soon as they move in. so this is great news for Calvin Harris girlfriend as the rumors have it that she likes to party a lot, so she can party as much as she wants in their home, because Calvin clearly does not mind to do it also. Calvin must have bought the house in L.A. because Rita is spending a lot of time in the studio there so now Calvin Harris girlfriend will have more time to be with him.

calvin harris girlfriend calvin harris girlfriend

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