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Iker Casillas is recently dating a 28 year old journalist whose name is Sara Carbonero. Casillas girlfriend claims that there are a lot of arguments among Real Madrid players whether they should keep their coach or not. Sara says that there is a split between the club‘s players and the Barnabey boss Jose Mourinho himself.
During the interview with Mexican television station Televisa, Casillas girlfriend said that there are a lot of rumours about the teams and that team members are having quite an argument with their coach.

And the current Casillas girlfriend is – Sara Carbonero

What is more, we can‘t know a lot about this problems because players need to keep their coach until the end of the season because they need to see how everything end up with Mourinho. They added that he had many fronts open in Real Madrid club and that is the reason they can’t kick him out yet.
There are some rumours that Iker Casillas, who has a role of a goalkeeper in the Real Madrid, and the captain of the team Sergio Ramos insisted on the club chairman Florentino Perez to finally fire Jose Mourinho until the next season will start.

As Casillas girlfriend states, Real Madrid players are trying to persuade or even to blackmail the authorities of the club by saying that if Portugal born Jose Mourinho will not leave, the players of the team will start to retire from their positions and they will leave the club permanently.
Even though Casillas girlfriend Sara Carbonero claims that there is no clear evidence that there are some actions taken against Jose Mourinho, facts talk for themselves. Still, there was a rare conference during which Perez said that there has been no black mail towards Jose Mourinho. Casillas and Ramos, of course, took his said and agreed that there has been no attempts in trying to strike against Mourinho.

During the interview with Mexican television, Carbonero confirmed that there have been no actions taken against their coach.
Casillas girlfriend Sara was a bit confused because her boyfriend Casillas was benched just before the Christmas and there is no concrete reason for that.
As for the coach, there is nothing more that we could say in his favour. As we said before, Casillas girlfriend Sara claims that team players are arguing quite a lot with each other. But the players of Real Madrid do not admit that there is something wrong among them. You are the only ones to decide the end of this discussion.

casillas girlfriend casillas girlfriend casillas girlfriend

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