Cesc Fabregas Girlfriend

Cesc Fabregas girlfriend is going through a rough divorce with her husband that has reached the Court of Appeal. It seems that she wants that her former husband would move out from her home that she shared with him. But he does not want to do it; because Daniella’s new boyfriend has millions to offer for her. Cesc Fabregas girlfriend has given birth to his baby daughter while he was in a Champions League quarter-final against Paris Saint-German.

And the current Cesc Fabregas girlfriend is – Daniella Semaan

When Cesc Fabregas girlfriend met him, she was still happily married to her husband, and they have two children together. There are two different stories of how Cesc met Daniella. The first one is that she saw him having dinner in one restaurant and came to ask for his autograph for her son that loves Cesc as a player and the second one is that Daniella just went pass through his table, dragging the eyes of all men that were having dinner there and left a sheet of paper on his table with her phone number. It seems that Cesc was interested in her, because if the second story is true that he must have called her.
Cesc Fabregas girlfriend cheated on her husband in a very bad way, because he found out that his wife is cheating him only when he was having lunch and decided to read the paper where his wife was in the company of a famous football player who was having a vacation in Nice, the south of France. So when their divorce happened, her ex-husband gave an appeal, because he accused Cesc Fabregas girlfriend of lying to the judge that Cesc does not give her money or any type of support.
Cesc Fabregas girlfriend states that her 13 years younger boyfriend does not fund her life and only gives money that are needed for their newborn daughter. This seems not to be true, because Daniella travels with Cesc in his expensive jets, drives around in his cars and has everything that she needs, so it seems that Cesc does give her money.
Cesc Fabregas girlfriend Brags on Twitter about her Catholic believes and that they are strong, but when it comes to being Catholic, she was seen many times walking in and out of his apartment. Daniella is known for her way of trying to be on the spotlight and getting a lot of attention not always in a nice way. Cesc Fabregas girlfriend does not seem as a nice person, but as long as he is happy with her they will be together.

cesc fabregas girlfriend cesc fabregas girlfriend

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