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Chace Crawford had many relationships in his life and a lot of girls had a chance to be Chace Crawford girlfriend at least for a short amount of time. In 2003 Shauna Sand had the chance to be his girlfriend even though for a short time. They met a party when she was only 18 years old and the famous star of Gossip Girl announced about their secret relationship in 2009. So they hid their relationship in good way that no one would find out.

And the current Chace Crawford girlfriend is – Rachelle Goulding

In the August of 2007 he began to date Chace Crawford and their relationship lasted until March of 2008. Even though that was a short time being together, they had an official relationship. However they ended their relationship through a text message and that seems not so mature.

Ashley Greene also had the status of Chace Crawford girlfriend, even though they had never announced their relationship in public. The rumor about them went on when they were seen kissing in the limo. Thus, their friends told that they were kind of dating and spending time together even if they were nor officially together.

Bar Rafaeli was also with Chace, but they spent only five moths together, when Bar divorced with Leonardo DiCaprio, she decided to spend time as Chace Crawford girlfriend. Also there were rumors that Elizabeth Minett and Chace are together, because they spent time during one dinner and that was it, they were not spotted as a couple.

Further Emma Roberts was named as Chace Crawford girlfriend, even if their relationship lasted for a couple of months and might be only rumored, because they spent time together during one event of awards.

The newest Chace Crawford girlfriend is Rachelle Goulding they have met in London last summer and has spent a lot of time together since then. As Chace has stated in one interview that he loves spontaneous women that can do anything that they plan to do and do not complain about this, so Rachelle seems to be like this.

The lucky couple has been seen spending their holidays together when Chace Crawford girlfriend met his family members and they were having a good time together, because they were photographed cuddling and kissing and laughing. Even though Chace had many girlfriends it seems that finally he has met the one that fits for him and even though they have not officially announced that they are together it seems that they do not need to do it.

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