Chad Ochocinco Girlfriend

It looks like the former Chad Ochocinco girlfriend was Evelyn Lozada and they have even been married, but the NFL star seems to be moving on from his former marriage. The couple got divorced last year because he has been arrested because of domestic violence that he has allegedly used against the former Chad Ochocinco girlfriend. Thus it looks like does not worry about his divorce at all and he is dealing with being divorced perfectly well. Thus, there were plenty rumors about him going out with different women recently it looks like the new Chad Ochocinco girlfriend is Lauren Pompeil. It looks like they have been seen together for many of times and she also has twitted pictures of them together cuddling up and looking in love with each other. They also have spent their Valentine’s Day together vacationing in Madrid in Spain. Further there were sources that saw them together getting close to one another.

And the current Chad Ochocinco girlfriend is – Lauren Pompeil

It looks like the new Chad Ochocinco girlfriend is the daughter of Ron Pompeil and she is 30 years old. Further she is great at cooking, because she is the head chef and CEO of Pompeil Cuisine. It looks like from the beginning Chad Ochocinco girlfriend new what he wants to do in her life. Firstly she has attended school in San Bernardo California and later on she went to Florida in order to attend University of Culinary Arts. It looks like there were plenty of rumors in the past about Chad Ochocinco girlfriend and she has even made it in the press because she was spotted in one club together with Justin Timberlake while he was still dating someone else at the moment. Thus, Lauren is a smart woman and she is great at her business. Further it looks like she does not want to be on the spotlight and enjoys her life being quiet and nice.
It looks like at the moment Chad Ochocinco girlfriend is happy to be with him and they make a great couple, she posts nice things about him and they both are happy about it. She also states that she could not be happier at the moment. Thus it looks like there are rumors that he is not fully committed for Chad Ochocinco girlfriend because he has been seen together with other women also enjoying his time, but these might be just rumors and only time will show if their relationship will work.

chad ochocinco girlfriend

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