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Channing Tatum girlfriend is his co-star of the movie Step Up. He notes that keeping up a relationship is a hard work to do and it takes a lot of effort, so it looks that they put a lot in order to have this kind of relationships. Channing Tatum girlfriend is not only his girl, she is also his wife. They are both similar age, Channing is 33 and Jenna is 32. In one interview Channing reveals how they managed to stay together for such a long time eight years.

And the current Channing Tatum girlfriend is – Jenna Dewan

They both state that they have a system in checking in one another, but you gave to be honest when you are making an answer, because this would not work other way. there are times when for example Channing Tatum girlfriend asks him how much does he love her from the scale from one to ten, and the answer has to be honest and the one who asked is supposed to want a real answer, no matter what it is.
Further Channing Tatum girlfriend states that they both want to make their carriers work, but the first thing that is the most important for them is their family. So when they have trouble the couple sits together and tries to sort it out thinking what can they do in this situation in order to make it work for them both.
The couple met on the set of Step Up movie in 2006 and they started to date since then. It only took three years for him to propose to Channing Tatum girlfriend and in 2009 they got married and they were expecting a baby and now have a daughter. Channing Tatum girlfriend has stated that the most important thing in relationships is respect and love and she knows how much does he love her so they can be considered to be one of the best Hollywood couples.
Channing states that he was thrilled when Channing Tatum girlfriend gave birth to their first daughter named Everly. He has states that it was intense, because he was consistently going to the bathroom and did not know what to do. Channing Tatum girlfriend can be proud of him, because he states that men would not be able to give birth and so God gave this ability only to women, because they can go through the pain and survive. He also states that it was hard when Channing Tatum girlfriend was giving birth, because he could not do anything to reduce the pain, but the most important thing is that everything went well and they are a happy family.

channing tatum girlfriend channing tatum girlfriend

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