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Morgana McNelis gets to be called as Charlie Hunnam girlfriend, even though they have been dating for over than six years now, she avoids being on the red carpet with him and being on the spotlight, she manages to stay behind the cameras in order to keep her private life to herself and not for the whole world to see.

And the current Charlie Hunnam girlfriend is – Morgana McNelis

Charlie Hunnam girlfriend is known as jewelry designer, she is not in show business as Charlie, who is an actor. Morgana took up her jewelry classes since she was 20 and since then she decided that she wants to create jewelry. In her personal website she named her biggest inspirations, that helped her to become what she is and they are: Alexander McQueen and Riccardo Tisci.

Morgana states that for her the most important thing in creating jewelry is to their quality, she notes that she wants to make her jewelry not only beautiful, but also valuable so that women, that buy her jewelry today could wear the same ones after twenty years and still like them.

Charlie Hunnam girlfriend has even stated to him that she is going to be the one who will give him a ring in the future in order to make commitment. Charlie states that he was surprised, because she is the jewelry designer not an actor, so she must be serious, but he does not mind that and even thinks that it would be nice to get the ring that his girlfriend is making for him.

Even though Charlie as an actor may seem a tough guy Charlie Hunnam girlfriend must know him for who he really is a nice person, because only his roles are always tough people who know him agree that he has a nice aura and it is hard to have it either you have it from birth either not and he is lucky to have it.

Charlie Hunnam had had a wife before Morgana that he met in 1999 when he auditioned for Dawson’s Creek and they got married after four weeks, but in 2002 they divorced so it seems that now he wants to take it slowly. Charlie Hunnam girlfriend Morgana accompanies him in different events, but she does not walk that red carpet, because she does not want to, so sometimes the public opinion is that their relationship may be over soon, but then they find out that she was in the car with him, just that she did not want to be on the spotlight and that their relationship are fine.

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