Chris Bosh Girlfriend

Chris Bosh girlfriend names Adrienne Williams is happy to be with him, but there are people that apparently want to destroy their relationship and talk things that might put an end for Chris and Adrienne. Chis, who plays for Miami Heat has married Chris Bosh girlfriend and their relationship seems normal until one day the rapper Lil Wayne started to talk that he has slept with Chris Bosh girlfriend and this a serious statement. It appears that he has claimed on one radio show that when he was hosting one party Chris Bosh girlfriend was present there and they were having sexual relationship.

And the current Chris Bosh girlfriend is – Adrienne Williams

It appears that he has even been banned from the NBA games because of the statement that he has made about Chris Bosh girlfriend, but he does not mind this. He has stated in the party that they had relationship and it appears that he is not planning to apologize for this or admit that he is sorry, because he is not and he does not regret anything that he has told. He has even made his statements clear, because he has said that he does not care and he shouted that he has had sexual relationship with Chris Bosh girlfriend and that all of the Miami Heat stars are not important for him. It appears that he has tried to come to the games but was kicked out of one game and then officially banned from other games because of his behavior that is extravagant and not nice at all.
It appears that the talks about Chris Bosh girlfriend are not the only reason that he has been removed from the game, because one fan has stated that he has had an interaction with a person and that was also the reason why he had to leave. It appears that there was some guy that was yelling something for the singer and Lil decided to show a gesture that he has a gun so no wonder that he has been removed from the game, because that is really disturbing for other people.
It appears that during one interview he has not made clear if the statement about him having sexual relationship with Chris Bosh girlfriend is true or not but there is an existing opinion that even though he has had the sexual relationship he should not have said anything, because this is not so nice and he is not planning to apologize.

chris bosh girlfriend chris bosh girlfriend

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