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There have been a lot of negative talks about a new/old Chris Brown girlfriend Rihanna and him getting back together. But during the Grammy Awards they looked so happy and peaceful together that a lot of fans from all over the world thought that now they should stay together forever and live happily ever after.
There were plenty of rumours that Rihanna is not only a Chris Brown girlfriend, but his fiancée too! But talking about this couple would not be so interesting if it would not be so difficult relationship between them. After the few days of the Grammy Awards where the couple was cuddling and smiling together, Chris Brown girlfriend Rihanna ignored the singer for some reasons. What is more, it is known that they did not get together that evening and she left without him separately.

And the current Chris Brown girlfriend is – Rihanna

Also, she spent her Valentine‘s day not as Chris Brown girlfriend. She spent the day with her friends. Of course, in nowadays world it is quite easy to find the track why these things were happening. And we can tell you why.

According to some source who was in the club that day when supposed-to-be Chris Brown girlfriend Rihanna ignored the Chris, the singer refused even to sit next to him. When Christ Brown noticed that Rihanna was in the club, he showed himself to her and then hot on the cocktail waitress, making that as a show for Rihanna to see.

What was the reason for this behaviour? They looked quite nicely and lovely together so what was the reason that made them to get separated again? According to another source, Chris Brown was in the party the same day when the Grammy Awards took time. That is not it. In the party there was ex Chris Brown girlfriend Karrueche Tran who he dated before snuggling with Rihanna during the Grammy Awards. We think that this must be the reason why Rihanna was so upset.

There are some rumours that Chris Brown and Rihanna‘s recovered relationship is just something for the paparazzi to eat. There are not actual facts to prove that they are really together. The only thing is that they really do look like they are in love when they are together. The only thing to do is to follow the couple on the Twitter because there is not much they can do without tweeting it.
In the end we can say that it is only up to you to decide if the couple is together again or not.

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