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Chris Evans is a famous actor who has took up a role as captain America in few movies. First in one named Captain America and then along with a lot of famous actors he has played the same role in Marvell’s movie Avengers. Chris Evans girlfriend is lucky to be with him, because he is wanted by many of his female fans.

And the current Chris Evans girlfriend is – Minka Kelly

Chris Evans girlfriend is Minka Kelly, who has recently changed her hair color and died them blond, despite being dark brown for reasons that are not known. The lucky couple has been seen together after a birthday party of their friend Jessica Alba which took place in Loss Angeles, California.
People talk that Minka, who is Chris Evans girlfriend hurt him a lot after she left him the first time when they were dating back in 2007. Chris was badly hurt by their separation, but he must have done something right while they were together, because in September they were seen again, trying to make their relationship work again. They had a romantic time during Valentine’s Day even though they tried to hide their renewing relationship from paparazzi’s; they still managed to capture the lucky couple.
Being Chris Evans girlfriend must have significance in Kelly’s life, because she wanted to return to him after their break up. And that is not all, she used to be dating Derek Jete up until 2011, who is a famous Yankees baseball player, she has also been seen with other male and famous people before their reunion happened.
Further, Chris Evans has also dated a lot of other females during his lifetime. Considering the fact that he is 31, it is reasonable that he had a lot of girlfriends during his life until reuniting with Minka. However the past does not matter and the most important thing is that now Chris Evans girlfriend loves to spend time with him. Since their reconciliation it seems that neither of them wants to let go each other and they are spending a lot of time together.
The couple has been seen together in different places grabbing some snacks and kissing and having warm hugs. They were also driving around in his while Lexus and are enjoying their reunion and the fact that they can share it with others. Being Chris Evans girlfriend must have left a mark in Minka’s life and that is why she wanted to get back to him, they must be happy together after all.

chris evans girlfriend

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