Chris Hemsworth Girlfriend

Chris Hemsworth girlfriend is Elsa Pataky and she is not only his girl, but the couple is happily married and has a beautiful family that many people would be jealous about. Chis himself is an actor known for many of his roles, but the most recent and popular is his role in the Marvels movies as a superhero named Thor. He is considered to be sexual and popular among woman, but they all have to be disappointed, because he seems to be completely happy with Chris Hemsworth girlfriend Elsa. Elsa is also an actress, so these two make a great couple together, both being famous and having the ability to fix their lives as they want to.

And the current Chris Hemsworth girlfriend is – Elsa Pataky

Even though they try to keep their personal lives to themselves, the news about some fact cannot be hidden from the eyes of society. That is when Chris Hemsworth girlfriend became pregnant it was obvious and people found out quite soon. Thus it was absolutely natural, because Chris Hemsworth girlfriend was his wife when they decided to make their family bigger and she became pregnant. Know that the couple has a baby for over a year, finally Chris Hemsworth girlfriend decided to come out and go somewhere to enjoy her free time.
Moreover, Chris Hemsworth girlfriend does admit that she does not like to go alone somewhere without her family she was seen in the Oceana Beach House Party where there was World Oceans Day and it took place in Santa Monica, California. It seems that she decided to leave her husband that she is married for two years alone at home with their girl named India, because she is not so small any more than she used to be in the beginning.
Chris Hemsworth girlfriend, who is Spanish, and has acted in the Fast and Furious 6, states that being a mother is difficult and everyone must know it especially women. She states that it was an event that she wanted to go to, because due to the fact that she is a mother, she now looks at some things differently and this cause is so great that she could not miss it. Chris Hemsworth girlfriend also stated that their daughter is similar to her father, because she likes to be in the nature and enjoys natural things and they like to keep her there. It looks like this is one of a happy family for Chris.

chris hemsworth girlfriend chris hemsworth girlfriend

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