Chris Lilley Girlfriend

It looks like Chris Lilley who is a comic has found someone special in his life that can be called as Chris Lilley girlfriend and she is a DJ from Sydney named Milly Gattegno. It looks like the rumors are spreading about him being together with her and Chris Lilley girlfriend has been MTV publicist for some time but she has quited this business and after this she has been a part of a DJ group The Faders. And it looks like it was about time for him to find someone because he has broken up his last relationship three years ago and it looks like they were really serious. The former Chris Lilley girlfriend has been together with him for a long time and they have been living together in Melbourne but after their relationship broke he did not have anyone serious in his life and he was sort of taking a break and it looks like finally he became ready to date again and the lucky one is Milly.

And the current Chris Lilley girlfriend is – Milly Gattegno

Thus it looks like Chris Lilley girlfriend used to date a skater before him has to travel a lot because of her profession so their relationship are really intense. The couple met each other in London and because of her travelling it seems that their relationship are on and off so this might seem a little bit hard for them both to handle. But it looks like they are together at this time and she can be called as Chris Lilley girlfriend. It appears that Chris Lilley girlfriend has been hanging out with him in The Grass music festival that took place in July and they looked happy with each other. However his representative does not state anything concrete about their relationship and does not even comment them.
So it looks like even though Chris Lilley girlfriend has to travel and they spend time apart after all they get together again and this is important, because it means that they have something between them that might get serious any time soon. And even though the comedian has had some trouble because of his jokes, because he has posted male genitals on his Facebook profile and was banned from it for some time it appears that she does not care and she likes to be together with him. Thus they both have had relationship in the past and learned something from them and now they can be better in these relationships.

chris lilley girlfriend

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