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Chris Pine girlfriend Dominique Piek and Chris decided to end their relationship recently. Chris who is famous for his role in Star Trek and Dominique, a stunning model decided to end their relationships after a year spend together. The pair has made their public debut almost a year ago at last May’s Cannes Film Festival, but they have never spoken about their private life and relationships in public.

And the current Chris Pine girlfriend is – Dominique Piek

Chris Pine girlfriend looked good with him in the pictures where they look quite happy, but they decided to call it quits, because they both needed their space and they did not have enough time to spend with each other, because Chris is busy with his Star Trek movie and other projects and Piek is busy traveling because of her modeling carrier. It seems that Chris Pine girlfriend was not suitable for him, because in one interview he has stated that he likes someone different from him, he likes women that are cynic in a way because with them you are never sad. He also has noted that he is looking for a good woman, who has to be intelligent and beautiful, but are not all men looking for this? So Chris states that his expectations are nothing new.
Further it seems that for Chris it is easy to find a new girl quite quickly, because after his separation with Piek he has found another girl, who is also a model, but for swimsuits this time. Amanda Frances can be called as Chris Pine girlfriend. He has noted for one magazine, that he is happy with Amanda and they are having a lot of fun, and also he has a person to share his happiness about his carrier with.
Thus, Chris must have a good taste in brunets, because the new Chris Pine girlfriend has brown hair. Chris Pine girlfriend has recently moved to Los Angeles in order to achieve more with her modeling carrier and it seems that her carrier is quite good here. From the way that their pictures are spread on the internet where they sit as close to each other as they can in the back seat of the car it seems that Chris is enjoying his time spend with Amanda, who is gorgeous.
Chris Pine girlfriend states that she is independent and has great genes that come from her mother and that are the basic reasons why guys like her so much. The couple is enjoying their time together and that is obvious.

chris pine girlfriend chris pine girlfriend

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