Christian Bale Girlfriend

It looks like Christian Bale girlfriend Sandra Blazic is not only his girl, but they are also married and for a long time now. Thus, she was not the first one in his life that he has felt for, because it appears that about 20 years ago he had a crush on another celebrity and famous actress, who was even more famous than Christian himself at that time but now he is more known. It appears that Drew Barrymore had the opportunity to become Christian Bale girlfriend, but it looks like she was not romantically interested in the young actor, maybe he was just too young for her.

And the current Christian Bale girlfriend is – Sandra Blazic

It appears that in one interview Christian has remembered how he was humiliated when he tried to work something out with Drew Barrymore and he must have wanted her to be with him and be called as Christian Bale girlfriend and now it is a good thing that their relationship did not work, because he is happily married and her love life seems to be going nowhere, because she has been married for two times and her both marriages were short and did not work, so maybe she is the one that sometimes regret the fact that she was not interested into him.
It seems that they were going out when they were 20 year younger and he has asked her out to see one horror movie and she decided not to call him and he remembers this. At that time she was more known than him, because she came from a family that was famous and it was easy for her to become an actress and Christian had to make everything himself. So maybe he was not good enough for her and that was the reason why she did not want to become Christian Bale girlfriend. Thus things worked out for Christian in a perfect way.
Now he is a famous actor and has a wife that he loves and that loves him. Christian Vale girlfriend got married to him in 2000 and they have a daughter together who is seven years old. It looks like Christian Bale girlfriend is perfect for him and they have been together for a long time now and there are no nasty rumors about their marriage so they must be getting on well. Further Christian Bale girlfriend always looks [perfect when she is going out with him and she supports him whatever he takes up.

christian bale girlfriend christian bale girlfriend

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